Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catch up.

Sigh.  Poor 365 Project.  Yet another blog that got neglected, another resolution buried under my attempts to juggle being a mom, wife, full time employee, reader, tv watcher, and person who is trying to find space for exercise, to name a few.

Soo, thank you facebook photos for helping me add some here in a catch up on the last few weeks....

Jan 29:

A cell phone picture, I just love this shot and the expression on his face.  Love, love, love it!

Jan 30:

Jan 31:

It was backwards day at school, and I just love the pose they took.  The backwards hats, the little bend.  So cute!

Feb 1:

A little package arrived!!

Feb 2:
Same box.  Same package.

Feb 3:

Little bugger was so proud of himself for picking up my sunglasses and putting them on himself.

Feb 4:

Grocery shopping

Feb 5:

We found a train table at the mall!

Feb 6:

My husband bought this green goo like pudding.  It looks gross.  Kid loved it.

Feb 7:

Feb 8:

Feb 9:

Feb 10:

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